To be at the right weight

it's better for your health!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why carry out a curve of weight?
Searcher have studied people weight. The fat are numerous. The increase is 5% per year.
The obesity and the overweight increase the risk factors as the arterial high blood pressure, the excess of cholesterol, the cardiovascular diseases. It is a true alarm to be taken seriously. To be with at the right weight it's better for your health!
A curve of up to date weight held regularly cannot lie. The shape of the curve will give you alarms not to be exceeded.

Which are the advantages of a curve of weight?
It is an essential tool for an appointment with a nutritionnist doctor or a dietician.

Have you a diet to suggest ?
No diet to sugest, but simple rules:
  • Avoid eating between the meals,
  • Not more than 3 dishes and one hour of meal,
  • Do not help yourself again to dish,
  • At the evening meal do not mix bread, cheese and a sweetened dessert.